University Miguel Hernández (UMH)

Eduardo Fernandez - Professor, Principal Investigator

Eduardo Fernández is a qualified MD who combines biomedicine with the physical sciences and engineering to better understand and safely interact with the nervous system. He is also trying to improve our knowledge of brain plasticity in blind subjects and working on the development of new therapeutic approaches for retinal degenerative diseases.

His team will be responsible of the planned experiments in human blind volunteers and the development of new strategies to provide functionally meaningful stimulation to cortical implants.

Leili Soo - Postdoctoral Researcher

Leili Soo is a postdoc at the University Miguel Hernández. She obtained her doctoral degree in Psychology (Science) at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), focussing on understanding the behavioural and neural mechanisms of visual processing (specializing on visual crowding and attention).

In NeuraViPeR, she is responsible for the testing of human blind volunteers pre- and post-intervention in order to assess the benefit of cortical prosthetic device and advise its future development.